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Coaching & NLP for Life & Gro​wth

Offering you a space to reflect & explore new ways of

thinking, doing & being

Whether your goal is to climb a mountain, conquer your anxiety or find a more peaceful way of being in a busy life, Yew Tree Performance Coaching can help you achieve your goals & reach for your dreams


                    What  Can Performance Coaching Offer Me?


Clarity about what you want from life

You may be feeling dissatisfied, unsure of the way forward, or have a sense that you are drifting?  With careful questioning & great coaching tools, I will help you to explore your values & identify what matters to you, clarify your priorities  & develop an action plan that supports you as you move forward.


         Increased               confidence &    


Do you doubt yourself & your abilities, feeling that others are more valuable or capable than you? Maybe you struggle with negative or anxious thoughts. Coaching can enable you to recognise your skills & strengths & find new & effective ways of thinking & behaving, helping you to reach your full potential.


Motivation to reach your goals 

Do you feel frustrated that you are not achieving more in your life? You may find yourself procrastinating & struggle to reach your goals. Our coaching conversation can help you to identify what holds you back; explore & discover the motivation you need to work towards & achieve the goals that are important to you. 


Greater fulfilment in your life &                  relationships

Are you looking for a greater  sense of fulfilment, meaning & connection in your life? Perhaps your relationships with others are difficult. Coaching can give you an opportunity to gain new understanding of yourself & others; making positive changes that will enrich your experience of life.


 Performance Coaching through the pandemic

We are all living in very challenging times.  Many of us have found our normal routines disrupted or found ourselves struggling with sleeping, eating & anxious thoughts, perhaps for the first time. Along with our physical health, I believe we all need to be looking after our emotional, mental & spiritual wellbeing  at this time, & am committed to supporting others to live with as positive wellbeing as possible. If this resonates with you & you would like to talk more about this, please do get in touch with me via the contact page.

Due to the pandemic, all adult coaching is currently online. For those under 18, I will seek to have an initial face-to-face meeting with you prior to online work, wherever it is possible & safe for us to do so.


Anita Worcester

​Mobile: 07816295160

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