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Coaching & NLP for Life & Gro​wth

About Coaching

About NLP

Coaching  offers you the opportunity to embark on a journey of change, enabling you to overcome obstacles & create more of the life you want for yourself. You may already have a clearly defined goal, which will be our focus as we begin. Or perhaps you need space to look at where you are now in your life overall, or an aspect of it (work, friendships etc)  to enable you to identify & then work towards your goals. Through the support of coaching,  become more comfortable & confident in yourself & more purposeful & fulfilled in your life.  

You may be familiar with the phrase, 'be careful what you say because you are listening'.  NLP (Neuro - Linguistic Programming) is all about thinking;  recognising how we think,  the impact of that thinking on our language & behaviour & how we make changes to think in a way that supports us more effectively in our lives. The tools & techniques of NLP enable us to establish new patterns in our thinking & behaviour that have the potential to transform our experience of daily life. 

Meet Your Coach

About Me....


I believe in the unique value that we all have as individuals & I am passionate about seeing people from all walks of life reach their full potential & find renewed zest for life. The inspiration for this in part links back to my mother. Evacuated from London at 11 during WW2 she left a painful life of neglect & found love & acceptance with the family who took her in. Their care for her slowly brought healing &  she learnt to fully embrace life & all it could offer her. I have been blessed to grow up with her story & her vibrant outlook on life has  strongly influenced  me. 

 In my own life, there have of course also been challenges. Parenting two very lively young boys whilst my husband was away working,  later being a working Mum, with all the plate spinning that requires (& some plate dropping!): transitions through different life stages, including caring for & then loosing elderly parents. In 2017 my busy life came to a standstill as I went through breast cancer treatment; following this there have been some difficult decisions & adjustment to a 'new normal'. Inevitably, this has required change, both within me & in my lifestyle, bringing new opportunities & excitement for what's ahead. 

About my work life....

Over the past 33 years, my working life has been closely aligned to my personal values & beliefs. As a Dramatherapist & Social Worker, I have worked with children & families, those with mental health issues & those struggling with eating disorders & drug/alcohol addiction. 

In 2009 I undertook a Business Coaching course which introduced me to the positive impact that  coaching can have. At the same time, I embarked on a 10 year adventure as a ski instructor & disability coach & I began to integrate the principles of coaching into all my work. This led naturally into qualifying as a Performance Coach. I have been privileged to support people as they work through painful experiences, learn new skills, challenge unhelpful beliefs or change patterns of behaviour.

I am inspired by the opportunity within Coaching to walk alongside you, facilitating a conversation that will allow you to discover more of who you are as you work towards & achieve your goals.

About my qualifications & experience....

NLP Practitioner Certificate
Level 5 Diploma in Performance Coaching & NLP
30 years experience of working with people in groups & 1-1, across a range of health & wellbeing challenges, & as a Service Manager.

Professionally qualified & HCPC registered Dramatherapist (The Health & Care Professions Council)  

Msc & Professional Qualification In Social Work

Registered Supervisor

Level 3 Award in Business coaching

Qualified Ski Instructor & Adaptive Instructor - 10 years experience of instructing & coaching people of all ages & with a range of disabilities

About Lazy Afternoons....

I live in a small rural village in Somerset; besides my passion for skiing, I love being out in the country with my lively & enthusiastic collie, often with family members or friends, &, being in the South West, often in the rain! I enjoy walking & am gradually conquering the South West Coast Path. I enjoy exploring new places; Greece is a favourite destination & for the past few years I have been learning to speak Greek.


What life desires most is the measured breaths

of the unhurried;  

the close attention of the quiet

and the still           

Gideon Heugh -  Sabbath Poem



Anita Worcester

​Mobile: 07816295160

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